1. consummate (feminine)

         2. with your ➳ kill

         3. with your ➳ herb


 Brooklyn, NY based band to make you dance. Cumbia-punk, ska-funk, boss-a-rengue, dubbed out tarantellas. Using ✄ CUT-UPS (a technique hearkening back to the Dadaists and Beat Poets), Consumata hones in on the non-linear aspects of musical construction. Audible insurrection. Collaging sounds by means of serendipity, the result is organic and unpredictable. Maybe you'll step into a frenzied mosh-pit, maybe you'll hear your grandparents' folk songs ripping through the speakers. Where-ever you find yourself, it will be wild. 




✪ Bruno Navarro // alto sax, vocals
✪ Dan Ramirez // guitar, vocals
✪ BillyBob  // bass, vocals
✪ Beat Buddy // drums